Scrap Cars for Cash

 Do you want to scrap cars for cash? Vehicles that are no longer operable take up your storage space. Not only that, junk cars are an eyesore and can be harmful to people on your property.

If you have an unwanted car and live in Western Australia, you’re not out of luck if you need instant cash. At Max Car Removals, we are your local car removal company that gives you cash for cars in Perth and the surrounding areas.

Get cash for scrap car removal with our team quickly and easily. You can be unwanted vehicle-free and walk away with a cash-paid offer in hours.

With our process, we scrap cars without damaging salvageable parts. As a skilled auto wrecker and car buyer, we ensure you get the highest cash payment, even for scrap metal parts.

You’ll get the most accurate price quotes and free towing service. Take advantage of our same-day vehicle removal whether you have need wrecked car, or junk car or old car removals.


Reasons to Scrap Your Unwanted Car With Max Car Removals

There are many reasons to choose Max Car Removals for cash for scrap exchanges. We are your top scrap car buyer in the area, and we salvage cars. In addition to free car removals for unwanted cars, our car removal Perth service provides the following.


Free Quote

Are you wondering how much our car buyers could offer you for your old and unwanted cars? Give us the details for your motor vehicle, such as whether it’s an unwanted car or junk car, and we’ll provide a quote for the value your vehicle or scrap metal is worth.


Top Cash for Cars

Scrap vehicles are valuable no matter their condition. As auto recyclers Perth professionals, we pay cash for junk cars, old cars, wrecked cars, and those in good condition. If you want top cash for scrap cars, choose us.

As the best car removal service for scrap cars, we offer top dollar even for damaged cars and unregistered cars. Your scrap car will still bring considerable profit, whether rusty or just an unwanted vehicle. We’ll also include your car removal at no additional cost.


Licensed Professionals

We are your licensed professionals regarding scrap cars and same-day car removals. We understand the value of your vehicle and offer a transparent, fair car removal service no matter your wrecked car’s conditions. Our auto wrecker professionals have the training to salvage vehicle equipment properly, such as:

 • Electrical parts

 • Scrap pieces

 • Gasoline and other fluids


Fast Service

Are you looking to scrap dead cars, junk vehicles, and other cars that no longer run? Sell car for scrap with Max Car Removals. We offer fast service when you need instant cash.

We’ll buy scrap cars for cash no matter their condition. We keep the process simple and bring a tow truck for non-drivable vehicles. Since we offer free towing, you do not need to pay a removal fee–just bring your photo ID, proof of vehicle ownership, and keys.

No Hidden Fees

Because we offer instant cash for used cars, there are no hidden charges. With our transparent valuation for junk cars, cash for scrap and more, paying cash means your exchange is straightforward. The free quote for your junk car states the entire amount you’ll receive.


Car Brands We Purchase for Scrap

Is your used car collection growing? We buy cars from manufacturers like Ford, Suzuki, Audi, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and more. Whether you have several commercial vehicles, junk cars, or unwanted vehicles, you’ll get cash for car parts and scrap cars instantly.

With our complimentary car takeaway service, you’ll get a free pickup no matter the vehicle type. We recycle all the cars we purchase.


Scrap Car Removal Process

When it comes to scrap cars for cash, Perth residents can get same-day car removal when they work with us. Our scrap car removal process is fast, simple, and free.

As your top car buyer for Western Australia, we pay instant cash for cars. Plus, we pay cash rates higher than competitors. You won’t pay us for your old cars’ towing, unwanted car removal, or anything else.

Our process starts with a free quote. Enter the information regarding your vehicle on our online quote request form, including its:

 • Make

 • Model

 • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

 • Age

• Condition

You’ll get a response quickly from our car removal professionals. They’ll determine how much your vehicle’s scrap and other components cost and provide you with a top-dollar offer. If you want to continue getting cash for cars, the next step is to accept the offer and set up a pickup time.

We understand you have a busy schedule and provide around-the-clock, day and night vehicle collection services for your convenience. Schedule your old car or junk cars for pickup and get the services you need with our assistance.

A car removal professional will meet you at your unwanted car’s location in Perth or elsewhere and confirm that the car is yours and that you have removed its plates. Professional vehicle removal experts tow your car away if it’s too damaged to drive or you don’t want the hassle of taking it to our location.

Upon successful confirmation, the car removal process takes little to no time. In addition, we’ll never charge you for vehicle removals.

We make the process easy by handling the paperwork for you. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to waste time on a lengthy car scrapping exchange. Our efficient staff helps you get cash for cars in Perth by having the documents and cash ready before arriving.

After your vehicle is in our possession, we take it through an extensive disposal process and send parts to salvage yards. Our team knows the safest disposal and wrecking methods, so we’ll determine the best way to break down your old car.

Max Car Removal’s Vehicle Disposal Process

When you sell your car with Max Car Removals, we follow a streamlined disposal process that considers all parts of your old car or other vehicles. Although we dispose of cars, residents cannot scrap a bike or a car body. Below is our vehicle disposal process.

Sorting Your Vehicle’s Parts

Parts from your old or unwanted car go into various categories for equipment such as electrical components, lighting, tyres, and metal pieces for scrap.

Using Ethical Disposal Methods

Instead of taking your vehicle’s parts to a landfill, we use environmentally friendly practices. We recycle all elements, from the engine to the exhaust pipe. No matter your vehicle’s condition, we’ll find a way to dispose of it safely.

Dispersing Usable Parts and Metal

Our staff sends salvageable parts and scrap pieces to local Western Australia automotive parts resellers, salvage yards, and other relevant retailers. When we buy wrecked cars, these locations get the top components still in usable or good condition.

Free Car Removal Services

Are you unable to drive your vehicle to our location? You can still sell your car for scrap with our team. We make it possible with pain-free vehicle removals.

As your licensed automotive scrap professionals, we understand how to value your car and adequately facilitate stress-free removal. Our removals are completely free no matter your vehicle’s location. We’ll pick up your car from your home, a garage, or another location.

With Max Car Removals’ free car removal service, you never pay for a tow truck. No matter how many vehicles you want to scrap, we never charge for towing or car removals of any type.

Our free car removal services include the following benefits.

More Cash for Scrap Cars

Because you don’t have to pay a towing fee, you’ll get more for your scrap cars up front. With our team, your top cash offer for cars in Perth goes much further than competing scrap companies.

Straightforward Process

Our free removal services are simple. If you want cash for cars, you’ll have a successful scrap car exchange within minutes by our friendly experts.


The last thing you want to do is pay another fee when trying to sell your car. We take out the hassle of extra costs and focus on your vehicle’s actual value only. 


The Top Car Buyers Offering Instant Cash for Cars

Perth residents can come to Max Car Removals for scrap car sales. Our removal experts and car wreckers have years of experience in the automotive industry and make you and your vehicle their priority, no matter its condition. Our staff offers the highest-quality service exchange available in the area.

As the top scrap car buyer in Western Australia, we work hard to get you the best price for your vehicle. Our team outsources to local resellers and provides the most accurate quote for your car’s parts as possible. We value your input and get you the highest honest estimate without tax.

Finding a reliable team like the experts at Max Car Removals is challenging. By working with our team, you receive:

 • Friendly customer service: We prioritize our customers’ experience. Our team makes you feel welcome and answers your questions promptly.

• Knowledgeable automotive buyers: As scrap and car buyers for years, we stay updated on the vehicle market and analyse your car’s value accurately.

• Prompt vehicle collection: After you submit a quote request, we can pick up your vehicle within four hours. Alternatively, you can schedule a car pickup days in advance if you’re not available immediately.


Get Cash For Cars in Perth, WA

When you want cash for cars in Western Australia, you have every reason to choose Max Car Removals. We’re the local team with everything you need for a successful scrap car exchange. No matter the number of vehicles you own, we help you get the correct payment for a single car or an entire collection.

The best part is, you don’t need to do a thing. Simply ensure your vehicle has no plates and that you own the title. Schedule an appointment after accepting our top cash offer, and we’ll help you make excellent money on your vehicles no longer in operation.

As your local car removal company serving Perth and beyond, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our business. Whether you’ve worked with us for years or it’s your first time scrapping an undesirable vehicle, we’ll make the process simple and help you get the most money for your car’s parts. We accept foreign and domestic vehicles from all companies, and our service is year-round.


Contact Max Car Removals Today

Our skilled team brings over nine years of experience and significant auto wrecking expertise to your car scrap and removal needs. No matter your location in or near Perth, we highly value all running vehicles and parts cars. We help our customers:

• Sell your car even if it doesn’t run

• Get a fair price for old or damaged vehicles

• Dispose of your car safely without contributing negatively to the environment

• Receive cash for scrap cars

• Achieve a successful, smooth car removal

• Recycle parts through reputable automotive parts resellers and other salvage yards

Are you ready to scrap your car in Perth and the surrounding towns? Speak to the automobile wrecker experts at Max Car Removals today to find out more. Before you scrap cars for cash, get an estimate on your vehicle in any condition without having to clean it, repair it, maintain it, or drive it to our location in Perth by calling 0478 500 021 at any time, day or night.

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The Team at Max Car Removal has the staff and the experience to handle any job, we have completed numerous collections all throughout Perth and are certain our clients will not be disappointed with our service, our pricing and most importantly our quality of workmanship. Contact us today

We stand firmly behind our ability to complete your removal with the utmost care and detail that we offer a Full Service Guarantee on all tasks undertaken by the Max Car Removal’s Team.


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