For scrap car removal in Perth, Max Car Removal is the company to utilise. It’s a hassle-free, seamless process from initiation to completion when you get paid in cash for the vehicle and it’s towed away. We have an ‘Instant Car Appraisal’ form on our website which is easy to complete and we offer you a quote of what we are willing to pay for scrap car removal in Perth. Whether it is a small vehicle hatchback or sedan, an SUV, a four-wheel-drive, ute, bus or truck, we can have it removed from your life for good and we’ll pay for you the privilege. Providing us with a few details such as proof of photo identification, proof of ownership and ensuring that the registration plate is removed makes it an easy process for you and us. Operating twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week means we can come to your chosen location in Perth at a convenient time for you. We collect any make or model vehicle, licensed or unlicensed and are professional and reliable arriving in a prompt manner when we say we will. As a licenced auto-trader and wrecker, we ensure that we dispose of hazardous materials in a careful and accurate manner, recycle and harvest car parts which can be re-sold for people looking to purchase second-hand parts and save some dollars and we do all this with environmental-friendliness as a core value.

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Looking After Your Car

For the vehicle that you are still driving and want to keep pristine as much as possible and mechanically-sound, there is a myriad of ways to look after your car. If you are looking to sell it because it is no longer mechanically-sound, we are the scrap car removal service in Perth. Checking the radiator and overflow for the coolant level is highly-important to keep your vehicle running. The oil is a necessary part of maintenance checks and servicing; check to ensure that your vehicle has enough oil as without oil or coolant, your engine can seize and you will end up needing scrap car removal in Perth. Regular servicing such as draining the oil and replacing the oil filter is important and refilling with fresh oil to keep your engine happy. During the winter months, you’ll need your windscreen wipers more than ever so ensuring that these are up to scratch and not actually scratching is a good way to care for your car. Replacing the blades is fairly easy and should be done if you start to hear a noise when using your windscreen wipers. Checking your tyre pressure on a regular basis is another aspect of caring for your car and it is important to follow the guide with the vehicle that shows the tyre pressure for certain load sizes. If you are carting around a heavy load often such as distributing parcels or travelling with a full car, it is wise to have the tyres at the correct pressure to carry the load effectively and energy-efficiently. It also aids in helping maintain your tyres rather than wearing them down. No one really enjoys cleaning their car do they, but it is nice to do so to keep your vehicle in a neat condition and to maintain the duco. If you don’t like doing it by hand, there are plenty of car wash services which can be especially good if you have pets in your car which leave fur everywhere. Sure it can cost a little more but it’s worth it to keep your car in a nice condition.

Harvesting Car Parts

As your local scrap car removal company in Perth, Max Car Removal harvests all the possible car parts which are able to be recycled or re-sold as used car parts to buyers looking to save some dollars. New car parts can be incredibly expensive, if not exorbitant in pricing such as genuine catalytic converters. When you need to buy used car parts, it is wise to know what you are looking for. Make sure that it is the right part that you require for your make and model car and ask plenty of questions about the part so you can be confident. Tail lights, tyres and scrap metal parts such as rims can be sold as used car parts while alternators and brake rotors are optimally purchased as new parts.