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You will never realize how selling a used car is difficult until you attempt to sell one. It comes with a lot of hassles such appraising the car to find its value, searching for buyers and once you get them, you are still faced with the task of negotiating the price.

If you are not good enough at negotiating prices, then you may end up selling the car for peanuts. At Max Car Removal, we want to save you from all the hassles that come with selling a used car. With us, we guarantee to make you a cash offer and buy car your without further hassles.

We are a reputable car moving company known to offer good rates and fast cash for used services in Perth. If you have struggled to find a buyer for your used car and no one seems to be interested, call us today at 0478 500 021 and see if we, also, will not be interested.


Why Sell Your Used Cars To Us

There are many reasons as well as benefits why you should consider selling your used cars to us. They include but are not limited to the following-

We buy all makes and models in any condition


The first reason why you should sell us your used cars is that we buy all makes and models of cars in any condition. If you had a used car that is not in a very great shape or isn’t running at all, selling it to the dealerships or to another user would prove to be a real uphill task. But this is not the case with us. Whether or not it is still operable, we will purchase it from you.


No advertising needed


If you wanted to attract good buyers for your car when selling using the traditional approaches, you will have to make some efforts in advertising the car. The sad news is that there are no guarantees the ads will bring you the kind of buyers you need, despite spending money on them. With Max Car Removal cash for used car services, no need to advertise your car. Either drive it to our yards or let us come for it from it at its current location.

Free towing services

If the car is not in an operable condition, we will gladly tow it away without any expenses on your parts. We don’t even include any hidden charges or fees to take care of the towing.

It would be more hectic to sell your used car conventionally when you could still sell it to us and get a fair offer on it. We have experienced auto appraisers who will calculate the correct value of your car so that we present you with the most appropriate offer on it. This saves you from the need to pay for the car appraisal and you are still guaranteed of getting the best rate on the car. Talk to us today if you are interested in getting a fair cash offer on your used car.

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Experienced Staff & Best Price Guarantee

The Team at Max Car Removal has the staff and the experience to handle any job, we have completed numerous collections all throughout Perth and are certain our clients will not be disappointed with our service, our pricing and mostly importantly our quality of workmanship.

We stand firmly behind our ability to complete your removal with the utmost care and detail that we offer a Full Service Guarantee on all tasks undertaken by the Max Car Removal’s Team.


”Highly recommend  the Max Car Removal Team. Thanks for the great work and service”

– Michael Lantis

”Great work, quick service, very professional. Will definitely recommend to others

– Daniel Peters

”I had no idea about the value of my old car and Max Car Removal’s really helped. Best service we have received. Thanks guys.”

– Karen Clark