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Selling your car is challenging, as scammers are plentiful, and it can be hard to find buyers for your cars in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. While it’s possible to get cash for cars by selling to a private buyer, and you’ll still get car removal, the process can be challenging and result in a lower value for your vehicle.

If you sell your car to a private buyer, you’ll have to invest in an appraisal for your car and wait to receive offers after listing your vehicle. Additionally, selling your car on the market requires shrewd negotiation skills to avoid leaving value on the table after completing the deal.

Fortunately, with Max Car Removals, you can quickly receive cash for used cars in Perth and get free car removal services. So whether you have a single unwanted car or an entire car collection, we’ll pay cash for your motor vehicle today.

Car Removals in Perth, WA

If you have an unwanted vehicle on your property, you can trade it for same-day cash while saving time and stress using our service. Skip dealing with car appraisers and aggressive buyers and turn your older cars or scrap cars for cash without any trouble.

Whether selling an old car your family used for years or a damaged commercial vehicle, we can offer a cash payment and car removal in Perth today.

What Makes Max Car Removals the Best Car Removal Company?


Max Car Removals is the most trustworthy option if you’re looking for cash for used cars in Perth. We offer excellent prices and premium service and communicate consistently to ensure our clients are always up to date on appointments and timing for car removal.

While getting cash for cars can be a stressful process at times, our team makes it easy to get paid cash as soon as possible for your older vehicle. However, we know there are multiple options to get cash for cars in the area, so read the following sections to find out what sets us apart from the competition.


Easy Cash For Cars

Selling a vehicle is often a frustrating process for many owners. Car buyers can be aggressive, and even in the case of well-maintained cars, cash offers may be disappointingly low. But, if you’re looking for an instant quote at top dollar for your used car, Max Car Removals in Perth can help.

At Max Car Removals, we strive to make it easy for Perth, WA, residents to scrap cars and get money back. We always pay cash for used cars in Perth and offer top cash among buyers in the area. Turning unwanted cars into instant cash is an excellent way to loosen your budget, so consider Max Car Removals to get top cash for your car today.

When you choose Max Car Removals, you can have complete confidence in receiving the best price for your unwanted car removal. We always make a fair cash offer with no hidden fees and accept cars in any condition. We make it easy to turn wrecked commercial vehicles or wrecked cars to cash in Perth, WA.

Free Car Removal

Depending on the condition cars are in, transporting them can be highly challenging. Although slightly damaged cars can sometimes still drive to the lot to sell, old cars or junk cars usually require a tow or trailer. When you sell your car to Max Car Removals, our service includes removing vehicles from your property.

We understand the challenge car removal poses for Perth homeowners and are proud to help rid properties of junk vehicles while providing a fair instant cash offer for the vehicle. If you have a scrap car on your Western Australia property, we can help by offering car pickups, allowing you to avoid dealing with car buyers and still move your car today.

Hassle-free car removal services can make it far easier to tidy up your property. Scrap cars take up a significant amount of space, and sell my car for scrap car buyers can be challenging to find in the area. While car wreckers are an option, you won’t receive cash for your old car removal and will likely have to pay for transportation.

With Max Car Removals, a premier car buyer in Western Australia, we’ll pay cash for your unwanted car while still providing free car removal. This process can free up space on your property and in your budget, so don’t hesitate to call today to find out your car’s cash offer.

We Buy Used Cars and Junk Cars in Any Condition

At Max Car Removals, we purchase unwanted cars for top dollar value, regardless of the vehicle’s condition. So while a damaged motor vehicle will be worth less than one in superior condition, Perth residents can receive a considerable amount of cash for cars that no longer function.

If an accident damages your vehicle, you can recoup some of the cost by selling it at a fair price. When you choose Max Car Removals, you can have complete confidence in receiving a top-dollar offer and friendly service.

Even inoperable cars and commercial vehicles contain valuable scrap metal and car parts, making them worth selling even in the worst of conditions. If you have a scrap vehicle that you’d like to get rid of, we can help you turn any unwanted vehicles into instant cash with our hassle-free service.

How Does It Work?

Many people assume that selling an unwanted vehicle is stressful or not even financially worth the effort because of low prices and transportation costs. However, when you choose the right buyer, getting cash for cars in Perth is easier than you might think. Additionally, prices are currently high for vehicles and scrap materials, so this is a great time to sell an aging or unwanted vehicle.

When you give us a call during trading hours about getting cash for cars in South Perth, we strive to make the process as simple as possible. First, our expert appraisers will determine the value of the vehicle or the scrap metals if the vehicle is inoperable. After the appraisal, we’ll make you a cash offer with no hidden charges, so you know what you’re getting for your vehicle.

Once you accept the offer, you get cash for cars quickly and easily. In addition, we always include a vehicle removal service, so all you’ll need to do is show your photo ID when the driver arrives. We’ll take your vehicle from there, and you can enjoy your extra money. Then, the next time you need cash for cars in Perth, WA, you know exactly where to turn.

Get Cash For Used Cars in Perth Today

Getting cash for cars can be frustrating, particularly in major cities, but it’s ultimately worth it. Unwanted cars take up significant space on your property, and auto wreckers can be expensive and challenging to reach. So if you’re looking for unwanted car removal and quick cash for old cars in Perth, WA, Max Car Removals is currently buying cars.

We’ve proudly bought cars from residents for years with cash paid immediately and complimentary car removals in Perth, WA. We offer the top prices on the current market in cash for scrap car removal in Perth, Western Australia, so we’re here to help anytime you want to sell your vehicle or need car removal in Perth.

If you’re looking for cash for used cars in Perth, WA, our team can help. Our friendly staff is always happy to discuss used car values based on features and condition, allowing you to avoid a visit to the car wrecker and still get cash for cars you don’t need. Max Car Removal is Perth’s leading scrap car buyer, so give us a call at 0478 500 021 and tell us about your vehicle today.

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Experienced Staff & Best Price Guarantee

The Team at Max Car Removal has the staff and the experience to handle any job, we have completed numerous collections all throughout Perth and are certain our clients will not be disappointed with our service, our pricing and mostly importantly our quality of workmanship.

We stand firmly behind our ability to complete your removal with the utmost care and detail that we offer a Full Service Guarantee on all tasks undertaken by the Max Car Removal’s Team.


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