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 4×4 Wreckers Perth

There are many reasons why scrapping your truck models could be beneficial. For example, if your repair costs skyrocket, it may be wise to sell the parts to auto wreckers. Replacement parts are expensive, and you may be better off buying a new, high-quality vehicle.

Many customers use our service following an accident. Our 4×4 wreckers in Perth recycle your truck model’s quality parts. We offer removal services for several makes and models, including Ford, Nissan, and Toyota, and help sell your auto parts quickly. Max Car Removals’ auto wreckers help thousands of Perth, Australia vehicle owners get cash for their unwanted cars, vans, motor vehicles, and 4WD trucks each year. We are a trusted source for Perth auto parts, and our team works with all the top global truck brands. Our wrecking crew can get money for your second-hand parts, including lights, panels, and spares.

Benefits of Selling Car Parts

If you want to make extra money, selling auto parts can be a great option. Not only can you earn a good income, but you can also eliminate unwanted or unused car parts. And, if you have a knack for it, the sale of a desired part can be a profitable venture.

We also help recycle your truck’s spare parts. Our Perth vehicle experts use environmentally friendly disposal methods, ensuring that your vehicle removal is eco-friendly. You do not have to worry about harming the environment with metal waste.


Our Western Australia Wrecker Removal Service and Spare Parts Scrap

We are much more convenient than other stock car businesses. You do not have to drive your car to us and then haggle over price. We come to you!  

Our 4×4 wreckers in Perth are professional and courteous. We know scrapping an old truck can be a challenging time for you emotionally, and we want to make it as easy as possible. 

Plus, we always pay cash upfront. There is no waiting around for a check to clear.


Affordable Prices

At Max Car Removals, we offer competitive pricing for our same-day 4WD wreckers removal service. Our affordable same-day prices allow you to get the best cash profit for your truck’s spare parts. Our vast network of Perth car buyers is willing to spend top dollar for spare auto parts. 

We offer competitive prices for all 4WD makes and models. Our recycled parts experts have the knowledge and business savvy to get money instantly in your pocket. The Max Car Removals squad will help you save cash on new parts by trading your used panels and other interior parts.


We Can Remove Your Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

We cater to a large range of vehicles, including Nissan Patrols, Ford F-150s, and Toyota Tacomas. Our 4WD auto wreckers guarantee a viable towing option for your convenience, no matter the brand of truck you have.

When you call our stock car facility, we will supply you with a form. On this form, you will provide our crew with details regarding your truck, including purchase price, make, and quality. Then, we will visit your home to verify this information.

We will offer you a competitive quote if all of your information is correct. We are honest about our offers and never go back on a deal.

We are available 24/7 for removal services. Max Car Removals’ 4×4 wreckers in Perth have a huge range of towing vehicles that can eliminate unwanted trucks from your home.

If you live in Perth, Australia, and need a wrecking service for vehicle removal, call Max Car Removals at 0478 500 021 to see the great price our experts can get you for your vehicles.

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Experienced Staff & Best Price Guarantee

The Team at Max Car Removal has the staff and the experience to handle any job, we have completed numerous collections all throughout Perth and are certain our clients will not be disappointed with our service, our pricing and mostly importantly our quality of workmanship.

We stand firmly behind our ability to complete your removal with the utmost care and detail that we offer a Full Service Guarantee on all tasks undertaken by the Max Car Removal’s Team.


”Highly recommend  the Max Car Removal Team. Thanks for the great work and service”

– Michael Lantis

”Great work, quick service, very professional. Will definitely recommend to others

– Daniel Peters

”I had no idea about the value of my old car and Max Car Removal’s really helped. Best service we have received. Thanks guys.”

– Karen Clark