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Do you have an old Toyota taking up space in your driveway? Instead of letting the parts go to waste, you can call Toyota car wreckers in Perth to take them off your hands. With Max Car Removal, you can get cash by turning your car over to a Toyota wrecker!

Toyota Car parts

We Take Whatever You Have

We take all types of vehicles for auto parts, including trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, and other cars.

We also buy all leading Toyota vehicle makes and models, including Corolla, Camry, Sienna, Tundra, Hilux, and more. Even if you don’t have a Toyota, we also accept scrap vehicles from other major car manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai, BMW.

 Even if your car doesn’t run anymore, you can still call our wrecking service. We take automobiles in all conditions—new, used, and totalled. We will even take your junker sitting on cinder blocks in your front yard.

How Much Can I Get For Toyota Vehicles?

 Genuine Toyota spare parts are some of the most valuable in the business. Many junkyards and individual buyers look for spare parts from Toyota cars and will pay cash for reconditioned equipment.

 Depending on your car’s age, make and model, and condition, you can get a price of anywhere between $200 and $10,000 for your auto parts. Stock parts from your car might still be good quality, and customers will buy Toyota parts for a reasonable price. If your car is in good condition as a whole, you’ll see the largest range for a cash quote.


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Toyota Car parts

What Toyota Parts Are Valuable?

 It’s often hard to find new Toyota parts or accessories at affordable prices without a warranty, so you can get a reasonable price for used genuine Toyota parts. Many people go to junkyards to find parts in Perth like: Doors, Bumpers, GPS, Radios, Airbags, Windshields, Tires, Catalytic converters and more.

 We find top buyers for Toyota genuine parts of virtually any quality without a warranty. You would be surprised at how much money used car parts can fetch.

How Does It Work?

 Selling your old vehicles for cash is simple when you use our services. First, we will ask you some questions about your car, including its make, model, and condition, and then offer you a cash quote. If you accept, we’ll schedule free car removal.

 Once the pick-up date arrives, ensure your vehicle is in an open location that our crew can reach. You’ll need to provide proof of ownership with either the title deed, vehicle identification number, or another receipt of ownership. After that, we’ll give you your cash, load up your car, and be on our way.

Why Selling to Toyota Wreckers is a Good Idea

You might be wondering whether you should sell your old car in Australia. Below are some reasons you should sell your Toyota Camry to the leading Toyota wreckers in Perth.

Get Cash

The most obvious reason to sell wreckers for parts in Perth is money. We offer cash for used vehicles of any quality—not discounts or rewards, but cash. You can put that money towards a new vehicle or anything else.

Environmentally Friendly

Moreover, selling all the parts of your old car is good for the environment. Parts like catalytic converters have harmful chemicals that can leach into the ground if left in junkyards. Selling auto parts as replacement parts cuts down on this waste.

More Space

Last but not least, our junk car pick-up services can give you more room in your yard or driveway. No one likes an unwanted vehicle taking up valuable space, so call auto removal experts to take care of it for you.

Toyota Wreckers Perth

Contact Max Car Removals in Perth today if you feel like getting rid of those Toyota car parts and turning them into a top cash offer. Our professional team of auto wreckers will schedule a pick-up appointment for your vehicle whenever is convenient for you.

 Contact us at 0478 500 021 today to schedule a pick-up for your Toyota in West Australia! 

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The Team at Max Car Removal has the staff and the experience to handle any job, we have completed numerous collections all throughout Perth and are certain our clients will not be disappointed with our service, our pricing and mostly importantly our quality of workmanship.

We stand firmly behind our ability to complete your removal with the utmost care and detail that we offer a Full Service Guarantee on all tasks undertaken by the Max Car Removal’s Team.


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