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A European car and European car parts often fetch a lot on the market whether you sell new or used. However, many Perth residents don’t realize that when their model becomes damaged beyond repair, it’s still worth a great deal of value.  Whether your vehicle requires too many genuine parts, got into a serious wreck, or is simply outdated, our team will pay you top cash for your Audi or BMW in Western Australia.

As the top-notch European car wreckers in Perth, we work with all models and conditions and provide the best cash offer to all our customers. From cars, vans, trucks, and more, our business will buy your vehicle or offer recycled parts.

Brands Our European Wreckers Work With

 Whether you’re selling your old European unwanted vehicle or need some new quality European genuine parts to get your cars running again, our European car wreckers in Perth, WA work with various brands, such as:

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Land Rover

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From a luxury Mercedes to a durable BMW, we’re the guys to contact. We provide our car disposal and towing service free of charge, giving you peace of mind.

 Our service is also eco-friendly, meaning your European cars and auto parts get disposed of with minimal harm to the environment.

Obtain High-Quality European Car Parts

 Our company also has many European spare parts in stock for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes or other cars.

Our team will supply you with recycled or new parts we have in stock to get your European cars running like new. Auto parts our team provides include:

Car Battery

Car Batteries

Car engines


Bar lamps

Front-Rear Bar Lamps

Car Side Mirror

Car Side Mirrors

Car Door handle

Car Side Mirrors

Car head Light


Car Fog Lights

Fog Lights

Car Overflow Tank

Overflow & Washer bottles

Car window Regulators

Window Regulators

Car Tail Lights

Car Tail Lights

We work with various clients from car dealerships, private owners, mechanical workshop owners, and more.

Why Perth Residents Choose Max Car Removal


Whether selling your junk European vehicle or buying second-hand recycled auto parts, Perth residents choose Max Car Removal for the following reasons:

Our free services: Disposing and towing your European vehicle is free of charge.

A wide range of conditions: From fire damages, flooding, wrecks, missing parts, outdated models, and more, our team buys cars of varying conditions.

Always available: Our team is available 24/7, meaning we can pick up your car or deliver your parts when it makes the most sense for you and your schedule.

Competitive rates: We offer the most competitive rates for cars and car parts, providing our customers with great savings.

How Much Do Wreckers Pay for Cars in Perth

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The Team at Max Car Removal has the staff and the experience to handle any job, we have completed numerous collections all throughout Perth and are certain our clients will not be disappointed with our service, our pricing and mostly importantly our quality of workmanship.

We stand firmly behind our ability to complete your removal with the utmost care and detail that we offer a Full Service Guarantee on all tasks undertaken by the Max Car Removal’s Team.


”Highly recommend  the Max Car Removal Team. Thanks for the great work and service”

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”I had no idea about the value of my old car and Max Car Removal’s really helped. Best service we have received. Thanks guys.”

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