If you want to remove your old junk car, there are a few places you can turn. The Max Car Removals car part wreckers in Australia will take any old car, regardless of damage, and turn it into more cash in your wallet. Depending on the car’s condition, you could receive anywhere from $100 to $20,000. 

Our team is happy to pay you for any salvageable car parts you have handy. We accept engines, tires, and other used auto parts from all makes and models.

Max Car Removals is a full-service auto wreckers service that will clear unwanted vehicles from your driveway. Our Western Australia car wrecking services are fast and efficient, ensuring you instantly get competitive prices for your car parts.

The best part about our wrecker service is that car pick-up is free. There are no hidden charges.

You can get cash for cars by calling us the reputable auto wrecker in Perth. Whether you have a wrecked car or need to remove commercial vehicles from your home, our auto wreckers are here to serve you.

Why Invest in Car Wreckers

There are many advantages of working with the best car wreckers Perth has to offer.

Make Extra Cash

Many car owners quickly dump their car and its parts off at a wrecking yard without receiving any cash payment. While you may think your car parts have no value, contact us today to see what you can get for your quality spare parts. The cash we give out surprises a lot of our customers.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Hiring an auto wrecker can also help improve your home’s curb appeal. When you have an old vehicle in your driveway, it can make your home look less desirable. Selling car parts can help improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Help the Environment

Your used car parts can help protect the environment. If we cannot sell your auto parts, our auto wreckers will recycle them. Then, we can create new car parts using recycled metal.

When You Should Sell Your Scrap Car

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in car removal services in Perth, including:

High Repair Costs

One of the first things you must consider is how often you need to repair your unwanted car. Every car owner has a breaking point, where the cost of repairs makes owning the automobile a nuisance. Our auto wreckers in Perth provide same-day service to get you the best price for your unwanted vehicle.

Short on Garage Space

Professional car wreckers in Perth also help homeowners clear up space in their garages. Our auto wreckers will remove your unwanted cars and spare parts, freeing up valuable storage space.


Another reason to invest in a cash for cars service is if you are in a car accident. If your car faces irreparable damage, you can still get instant cash for your quality spare parts. You can then use this money as an advance towards your next car purchase.

Rare Parts

You can receive top dollar from our auto wreckers if you own a luxury vehicle with hard-to-find parts. Many car buyers come to us to find a specific auto part. If you have that part, you have a lot of negotiating power.

What do our Perth, WA, Wreckers do?

We pride ourselves on offering the best prices for your used auto parts. Typically, it is a hassle to depart with your vehicle, many offering cheap prices. It is hard to find a car removal service that offers affordable prices.

However, our Perth, WA, wreckers’ car removal services are free. Our high-quality team will offer an affordable price for your stock vehicle parts. Plus, if you have a wide range of unwanted cars, we specialise in performing multiple car removals simultaneously.

Our removal services team can eliminate unwanted SUVs, limousines, cars, and other motor vehicles from your Perth home. We have a fleet of trucks at our Perth stock shop and offer our clients 24/7 vehicle removal services. Whatever model car you have, we have a sizable network of buyers lined up to purchase cars and spare parts.

In addition to cash payments, our Perth car removals team can also arrange a bank transfer. There are few faster ways to make some extra pocket change than investing in spare parts removal. You can rid yourself of clutter and make some money with one quick call.

Our cash for cars Perth business offers a full-service guarantee, meaning we will discard your vehicle and its scrap parts quickly and efficiently. We work with the best auto experts in Western Australia, ensuring you get priority attention from our staff. Now, there is no reason to keep searching for wreckers in Perth.

Get Money the Best “Car Wreckers Near Me” Service in Western Australia

If your damaged cars or trucks have usable parts, we can give you the best value for your supply. When you contact our quality auto parts buyer in Perth, we will ask you to provide information about your car parts. The better the condition your auto parts are in, the more money you will receive.

Then, our locally owned car wrecker will schedule a time to visit your home. Typically, our wreckers can remove your car model within four hours. We give our customers peace of mind knowing that we will care for their damaged vehicles.

Upon arriving at your home, we will ask for documentation verifying your cars’ info, including their makes and models, quality assurance, and sale price. Our car wrecking professionals do their best to offer you the best deal for your quality used car parts.

Our car wrecker offers free quotes for a wide range of quality vehicles. We’re professionals who never go back on our word. The estimate we give you is our final offer.

Contact us today

Your search for car wreckers ends here. Our Perth, WA, auto wreckers provide fast service and instant cash to car owners. Contact Max Car Removals for same-day service at 0478 500 021.